Visit Triado

Yesterday, May31, for the first time during covid19 pandemic, I went out to Ghent for a short visit. So, the first thing I had in mind was to visit a local penshop, Triado. I think in general it is important to support local economy, and that’s what I did. For sure they all suffer from loss in turnover, and as a pen-addict we need to support them. But I was glad to hear from the seller that she sold a lot online during ‘lockdown’ and by this reducing loss.

I asked for the Faber-Castell Loom Piano, a pen already for a long time on my wish list. She only had the white version, which I bought. Then I also was interested in a mechanical pen, because I also do some basic sketching. She told me that perhaps the Kaweco SketchUp could be something for me. After a small intro and a test I agreed to buy this pen.

As I was there together with my wife and daughter, I saw my daughter (with sprankling eyes) was interested in some Faber-Castell markers…that I also bought.

So I left the store with a good feeling, everybody happy in this strange period 🙂

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