Overview week 29

The week started well: waiting for a delivery of 2 new fountain pens: the Caran D’ache 849 and the Cross Bailey. But also I ordered some lighter ink for my ink collection: the Iroshizuku ama-iro ‘sky blue’.

Cleaned my Parker Vector after using the last ink in it for my review. I’m afraid it will be the last time I inked this pen, it’s not a top pen and besides the pen has a crack on the barrel, so bye bye Vector.

The pens inked for this week are the Sheaffer Starwars Darth Vader (M), Lamy Al-Star turmaline (B) and Lamy Al-Star Pink (M), Platinum Preppy (EF) and the Kaweco Sport (M).

Continued practicing drawing faces in my sketchbook, tips I used from a book 10-Step Drawing People (by Librero). Not easy, but practice gets your drawings closer to perfection.

This week was the last week of a 2-week holiday. Seems less spent was spent on reviewing foutain pen. Anyway, on wednesday I found time to upload the review on the Sheaffer Star wars fountain pen.

Then, finally after a delay and some mismanagement by BPost, my Cross Bailey was delivered. The Cross Bailey looks really promesing, just by looking at it.

Also delivered this week was the Diamine Oxblood ink, wich I immediately used for inking my Waterman Forum fountain pen.

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