Bamboo pen

Bamboo pen

My first wooden fountain pen, a gift I have chosen for myself.

In december 2019 I received a bamboo fountain pen that I got as a Christmas gift from my wife. I was lucky to choose one out for myself, so I ordered this pen on for the price of 9,97 Euro. I received the pen in some kind of hard-paper box, with the word ‘MOOKER’ on it.

As I was searching on the internet for the exact brand of the pen, I couldn’t find anything. And for sure, ‘MOOKER’ is not a brand of a pen. And that’s a bit pity when you cannot refer to a brand.

A good habit to evaluate/review pens is to write with the pen on good quality paper. So, recently on that same Christmas tree was also paper from Rhodia, and its that paper I want to use for writing and testing my fountain pens. 

Now, what can we expect from a cheap fountain pen? The least is that she writes well and ink is coming out fluently, without messing around. To be honest, this pen is not really that fluent. Sometimes I have to restart a letter because no ink was coming out.

I like the wooden structure of the pen. This in combination with the gold looking trims makes the pen really nice and something special. Another good point, is that the pen is delivered with a converter. So, you can start using bottle ink immediately.
The pen weighs 25 gr. with cab and 17 gr. without cap. This is a very lightweight pen. When using the pen posted, she feels somewhat out-of-balance. The length of the pen is 12,4 cm. Posted she is 16,9 cm. When the pen is posted, the cap stays easily on the barrel.
The pen has no ergonomical grip. The grip has a diameter of 8 mm, but that is for me a little bit too small.

The seller on mentioned that you could use the pen for doing calligraphy. For me, this is not true, because the nib is to stiff for doing some real calligraphy. On the nib is mentioned ‘GENIUS IRIDIUM GERMANY’, though i have my doubts about the iridium.

This is my first ‘wooden’ pen. So, difficult to compare because I have no reference.
In general, I like that the pen does not look and feel cheap. Is this pen a ‘hot’ pen to have in you collection? Perhaps not, but she stays in my collection 🙂

The good and the bad:

+ good looking
+ with converter
+ wooden touch and look
– not fluent
– not part of a brand (as far as I know)
– too light
– unbalanced when using posted

Just a ‘wooden’ fountain pen as an alternative for PET.


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