Jinhao 159

Jinhao 159

I am very delighted to give you my review of the Jinhao 159 fountain pen, perhaps one of the most popular ‘cheap’ fountain pens. Its almost as possessing a Montblanc Meisterstück 149 (…they say).
The pen can be ordered in many different colours and variations.

With cheap, I mean very cheap, and almost unbelievable how it is possible to make profit by selling this pen. I ordered this pen on Amazon.de and on AliExpress. On Amazon I paid 11 Euro, on AliExpress I paid 2,52 Euro. So first look around before ordering a pen to get the best deal.
The pen is made in China by the Shanghai Qiangu Stationery co.
On december the 3rd of 2019 I ordered my first 159 at Amazon for 11 Euro. Just after Christmas I received the pen. Perhaps for me, until now, this pen is in some way my top pen. It’s not one I will use as a daily writer, but regarding price/quality this pen is really out-of-the-box.

Don’t expect anything ‘special’ when the pen is delivered. The pen is placed into a plastic bubble wrap. That’s all, nothing more. No fancy box, no paper of warranty or a limited number.
The barrel and cap of the pen are in metal with a plastic overlay. The pen feels very heavy: weight 49 gram and 27 gram without cap. So without a doubt, my most heavy pen. The length is 16,5 cm when used posted and without cap 12,5 cm. When the pen is closed she is 14,9 cm long.
The pen comes with a Jinhao converter. For testing, I filled her up with Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue ink. One of the disadvantages of the converter is it can’t hold a lot of ink, so you have to refill very often.

I like the typical ‘cigar’ shape of the pen. The barrel and cap have silver looking trims. The cap has a silver clip. The clip is not as stiff as the Jinhao X450, and felt a little bit loose.

The pen as a screw cap, and if feels like some kind of ritual to unscrew the cap and get the pen ready for writing. Perhaps this is also a reason I won’t use this pen as a daily writer.
The grip section of the pen is not ergonomically shaped. The grip section has a width of 1,2 cm. So this is not a small grip, but for me it doesn’t feel bad.

The pen has a silver looking Jinhao nib. The nib is a Jinhao #6 medium and can be replaced. This nib feels quite good, not to stiff. The only minor thing is she writes very wet. For me as a left-handed writer, I have to be careful not to wipe the ink when moving my hand. 
It’s the first time I test a fountain pen on Rhodia paper. In general Rhodia paper is high quality paper, very suitable for fountain pen. I used Rhodia dot pad paper, and this is really a feel-home for a fountain pen. The pen writes fluently, I had no issues with ink not coming out of the pen.

When using the pen posted, she really felt like a big beast, but a balanced one. Also the cap stays well on the pen when posted, they did it better then on the Jinhao X450.

The good and the bad:

+ good looking heavy pen
+ with converter
+ price/quality
– could do so much more if delivered in a fancy box even if this raises the price.
– not for daily writing due to the weight and the dimension of the pen
– pen write too wet

A short final conclusion: a good quality pen for a cheap price, one you should have in your collection as some kind of reference. I enjoy this pen really a lot.

The cheapest fountain pen with the looks of a Montblanc Meisterstück


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