Jinhao X450 black GT

Jinhao X450

Jinhao was a brand I never heard about, until now. The X450 drew my attention and I ordered the pen immediately.

Last week, I received the Jinhao X450, which I ordered from Amazon.de. I have a strange habit, that when I want good quality, I always tend to look at the European brands. But when I was surfing on the internet, I stumbled on an unknown brand for me, ‘Jinhao’. Jinhao is a maker of writing tools (pens), situated in Shanghai. This brand is known for its cheap and good quality pens.  The most common Jinhao fountain pens are the 159, the x450 and the x750.

Today I give you a review of the X450. I ordered the pen at amazon for 8 Euro. The pen is black, with golden (read gold looking) center band and clip. When you look at the pen from a distance, you probably think it is some kind of Montblanc pen, but hey, of course it isn’t. In general, the X450 is a good looking pen, well finished. Most parts of the pen are made of metal, this makes the pen quite heavy. The pens weighs 43 gram and without the cab, 30 gram. The nib is a Jinhao stainless steel medium nib in 2 colours: silver and gold. The pen comes with a handy non-leather holder to protect the pen. 
The length of the pen is 14,1 cm. Without the cap 12,3 cm. Posted, the pen is 16,1 cm long. The width at its widest point is 1,4 mm. At the grip point, the pen is 1 cm width.

The pen comes with a converter to use bottle ink. If you don’t want to use bottle ink, you can buy standard international ink cartridges.  For testing the pen, I used the Pelikan 4001 ‘royal blue’ bottle ink.
The cap has a clip, but this one is very stiff, and difficult to use.
The Jinhao X450 is a ‘cigar’ type pen with golden trim. The pen looks really good, and does not gave me the feeling of a ‘cheap’ pen. On the golden center band the words ‘Jinhao’ and ‘X450′ are engraved, or at least it looks like they are engraved. 
The grip of the pen is made out of hard plastic on which some kind of ergonomical grip is created, but for me this is not so functional.

The pen writes fluently. Though for me the nib of the pen felt not so smoothly. It gave me some kind of feeling as if I was writing with a cheap pen. Hey, but strange enough it is a cheap pen with the looks of an expensive one. 
In general, I rarely use a pen in a posted way (cap at the back of the barrel). But when i did this, the pen felt too heavy at the back as I wanted more weight at the nib. Also, the cap tends to fell of easily when used posted.
Final conclusion: not a bad fountain pen. It looks good and you can take it wherever you want it, and if you lose it, it only costs about 8 Euro. So, no worries.

The good and the bad:

+ Ink flow
+ Looks good
+ Cheap

– An overal plastic feeling of the nib
– Unbalanced, top heavy
– Cap falls off easily when used posted
– Clip on the pen very hard to use

A surprising cheap, but good looking pen, with an acceptable writing performance.


Looking for a bigger Jinhao?

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