Jinhao X750 black

Jinhao X750
Black CT

If you are looking around on the internet and search for Jinhao, you probably encounter the 159, the X450 and the X750. Of those, the X750 is the one this review is all about.

Since December 2019, I posses the Jinhao X750 fountain pen. When I started my fountain pen hobby, my focus initially was (and for the moment still is) on the low budget pens. So, when searching on the internet, I noticed that on many forums, people were talking about the Jinhao pens, and this mostly in a positive way. Because of this, I ordered the Jinhao X450, the X750 en the 159. Meanwhile I already reviewed the X450 en the 159, so next up is the X750.

I am very positive about this pen. I use this pen quite often and even take it with me at work. I ordered the pen at Amazon.de for about 11,22€. I know this is too much for this pen, because in many stores this pen is sold for less then 5€, including cost of sending. The pen is in black with silver looking trim at the grip and the barrel. The nib is a 18 KGP Jinhao stainless steel medium nib. The pen is simply delivered in a plastic wrap, including a Jinhao converter. I have my doubt about the quality in general of the Jinhao converters, it seems I have some problems with sucking up the ink out of a bottle into the converter. I will spend a blog post later on this. Anyway, I managed to ink the pen with the Iroshizuku tsukushi ink (horsetail), ink created by Pilot.

For some good reasons, this pen could be my daily writer: the Jinhao X750 is cheap, looks good, the weight is ok and the nib performs well. Also the clip is very useable and not too stiff. After using it for a while I noticed no scratches on the body of the pen, keeping in mind I use my pens in the utmost care. 

Let’s talk about the nib. I really had no problems with the writing performance of the nib. Even when I didn’t use the pen for a while, the first strike on the paper was spot on and ink was flowing immediately. The nib is quite stiff, so pushing hard or soft to do some calligraphy is not possible.

When I took the pen with me at work, the pens caught the attention of some colleagues, this because of the looks, but also, and perhaps the most important, the pen is cheap. This resulting meanwhile that some colleagues also bought this pen. So spreading the love of the foutain pen in this case seems to work 🙂

The main material of the pen is stainless steel, covered with a black glossy coating. The grip is a hard plastic, with at the end a silver trim. For me this silver ring start to hurt after writing for a while.

In case you ar not happy with the nib, you simply can remove the feeder and nib and replace the nib with another one. One of the alternative nibs is the Goulet no. 6 nib, available in different sizes. I wil try this later on, because ordering a nib from the USA will cost me too much because of the high custom fees. So, I have to sort this out and wait to get my hand on a Goulet nib.

You can use the pen posted (cap on the back of the barrel), you just have to be carefull because after a while the cap starts to loosen. To open the pen, you don’t have to unscrew the cap, just pull it off, and after a nice click you are write-ready.

In general I much more prefer the Jinhao X750 above the X450 and the 159, I many ways the X750 performs better and is a suitable daily writer.  Like many other Jinhao pens, the X750 is available in different colour combinations.

The good and the bad:

+ price/quality
+ good performance of the nib
+ weight/seize
– Grip is hard and silver trim on the grip hurts after a while
– Don’t trust to hard on the cap when using posted: it could fall off

Some technical info:
  • Length:
    • 14,1 cm closed
    • 12,5 cm without cap
    • 16 cm posted
  • Weight:
    • 38 gr. complete (ready to write)
    • 23 gr. without cap
  • Ø
    • ​1,35 cm barrel
    • 1 cm grip
    • 1,4 cm cap
    • 1,8 cm cap with clip included

The golden trio of Jinhao, the 159, the X450 and the X750 surprised me a lot


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