Parker IM Premium chiselled rollerball

Parker IM premium
Chiselled rollerball pen

The Parker IM premium is one of my rollerball pens I use from time to time.

Before I had the idea of starting a pen collection, I already possessed som pens. One of those is my Parker Premium chiselled rollerball pen. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember when I bought this pen and the price I paid for it. It guess I have this pen for about 10 years now. It seems that the pen was first available in 2010, so my guess is right 🙂

I searched the internet and this pen is still available for 48€ on and for £25 on
The pen is a rollerball pen, which means the quality of the writing is not determined by the pen itself, but by the changeable Parker quinck refill. Now the pen has a fine blue refill, and I love the way she writes. For a fine nib, she writes a little bit wet, but on the other hand, the ink dries really quick.

Although I am a really big fan of fountain pens, I have to admit I like this rollerball pen. The pen is heavy, but she feels really well-balanced, even when used posted. The pen is created out of stainless steel, with that quality you really expect from Parker.
And what about the look? Everyone has his own taste and flavour, but the chrome shiny look of the pen is a real eyecatcher, and it’s my kind of thing.

The cap of the pen posts really good on the back pen. I had no problems with the cap falling off. On the cap there is a arrow-shaped clip, very useable.

For the refill, you have to buy the Parker Quinck refill. The refill is available in fine or medium and in the colours black and blue. The refill is quite expensive but of good quality. I paid 5,60 € at a local store, but for sure you can have them cheaper if you buy them in a set. 

If you are looking for an alternative daily writer, besides a fountain pen, I think this is the pen you should buy. Also, for students, this is the pen you really should try out.

Some technical info:
  • Length:
    • 13,6 cm closed
    • 11,8 cm without cap
    • 15,5 cm posted
  • Weight:
    • 35 gr. complete (ready to write)
    • 24 gr. without cap
  • Ø
    • ​1,15 cm barrel
    • 0,9 cm grip
    • 1,2 cm cap
    • 1,5 cm cap with clip included

One of my vintage rollerball pens I own for a long time. The chiselled chrome look really makes it an eye-catcher

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–> soon available!

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