Parker Jotter ballpoint pen

Parker Jotter ballpoint

Updated 2/2/21

As a fountain pen collector and enthousiast, I have to admit that while I’m looking around on the internet, but also in real life, I regularly have a close encounter with perhaps one of the most famous ballpoint pens: the Parker Jotter. And that’s just the reason I want to mention something about it on my blog, not really a review, but some kinda review. Are you with me?

The yellow one you see above is actually my daily ‘work’ write. The conditions I work in do not allow me to use a fountain pen, so for that I have to stick to a ballpoint. The parker Jotter costs around 8€ for a normal one, special editions mostly around 18€ or more.
The Parker Jotter was introduced by Parker in 1954, and until now, it is in many ways considered as the best designed ballpoint ever made. And I have to agree, in some ways it is. And to be honest, when you look around, you will notice that for many people who want a more valuable pen, the Parker Jotter is the one they have, and also the one they often lose. 

The Jotter is a retractable ballpoint pen, best recognisable by its ‘click’. The barrel is in stainless steel with on top a push button. On the barrel fits a plastic body. Some Jotter pens come in stainless barrel and stainless body, they look really nice. The body often comes in different colours. The body has a stainless steel tip. Also in the body is a spring that reacts to the click mechanism of the spring loaded push button.

On the barrel ‘Parker’ is mentioned, but also the country they ware made in (I have France, IE en UK). 
The Parker first year Jotters differ from the ones you find now in the store. In the beginning the body was made of nylon (with some kind of stripes), now it is plastic. The barrel of the older Jotters have an inner capthread of steel (brass), as from 1980 this is also made of plastic.
Below you see some pictures of an old and a new Jotter: notice the difference on the clip and push button.

The quality of writing depends mainly on the refill. The standard is the Parker Quinkflow refill, also known as the G2 refill (ISO 12757-2). When I hear people complain about the Jotter, it’s mostly due to the refill, but there are some alternatives you should try out:
– Schmidt Easy flow 900
– Fisher Space refill
– Parker gel refill
What I don’t like about the refilling system: in my opinion it is too expensive: 3€ for the standard refill, 5,50€ for a gel refill.
Another minor thing: many Jotters I see have a broken clip 😦 Also in my collection, two of them are broken, keeping in mind that I treat them with great care.

Why for many the Jotter is their daily writer? It writes on almost everything (even clothing :-)), it’s cheap and you can choose from many different colours and editions or liveries. Parker also creates some fancy special editions, like the ‘London Architecture’ special edition. Also like to mention the XL edition for those who want it a little bit bigger.
As an alternative for the Parker Jotter, people suggest the Fisher Space pen, but I haven’t tried it out, but I’ve put it on my todo-list.

Nice for collectors is the Parker Jotter London Architecture special edition, mentioned earlier. I completed the collection which consists of 4 pens. Each pen refers to a famous London building/architecture:

  • Bronze: Big Ben
  • Black: The Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe)
  • Blue: the Shard skyscraper
  • Red: the throne room of Buckingham Palace
The good and the bad:

+ cheap
+ suitable as a daily writer
+ iconic
– (often with) broken clip
– expensive refills

Some technical info:
  • Length:
    • 12,8 cm closed
    • 13,2 cm ready to write
  • Weight:
    • 11 gr. complete (ready to write)
  • Ø
    • ​1 cm barrel
    • 1,3 cm barrel with clip included
    • 0,8 cm grip (depending how low you take the pen)

Built for the Everyday
Simple and practical, perfect for convenience and daily use.

Is a rollerballpoint an inbetween?

–> check it out!

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