Pelikan Twist

Pelikan Twist
(Color edition)

In December 2019, I bought the Pelikan Twist fountain pen as a pen to start with. This pen will always be in some special, because it will be my first fountain pen review.

I bought the pen in a local store in Lievegem (nearby Ghent) for only 8,99 Euro. The fountain pen is sold in a (throwaway) plastic holder, onto a paper card, this together with 2 ink cartridges. The pen is called the Pelikan Twist (color edition). The pen has a medium nib and is suited for left and right handed writing. As a lefty, I appreciate this.

The shape of the pen is hey ‘twisted’, the cap has no clip. The color is ‘Girly Rose’. The barrel of the pen can hold 2 small ink cartridges. The pen is, besides the nib, made out of plastic. The nib is a stainless steel medium nib (I think it is only available in medium?). The grip of the pen has a ergonomic gripping zone.
The pen weighs, without ink, 19 gram and 15 gram without the cap. The length is 13,9 mm when closed with cap and 12,9 mm without the cap. When the cap is placed at the back of the pen (they call this posted), the length is 17,6 mm. At it widest point, the pen is 1,8 mm. At the point where you hold the pen (grip point) the pen is 1,3 mm.

And now my personal thoughts about this pen. Everyone agrees that this is perhaps not a ‘hot’ pen everyone wants to have in its collection. And for sure, this pen is not created to be a collectors item. It is a good pen for beginners. The pen is cheap and of decent quality. I consider this pen more as a pen for kids. When I first used te pen, she was not fluent, some lines I had to rewrite because no ink came out. After using the pen more and more, this problem occurred less. I used the pen a couple of days at work, and already I noticed some scratches on the outside of the pen (see picture below). So, I can imagine this pen will look horrible when used frequently (eg. at school). Nevertheless this pen does wat it needs to do: writing! The pen is light and easy to handle and looks very nice and ‘twisty’. Only problem I had was that the cap could not be thoroughly put on the back of the barrel, and falls frequently of the pen.

The good and the bad:

+ cheap
+ light
+ price/quality
– no clip on the cap
– difficult to keep the cap on the back of the pen
– scratches on the barrel and cap after only a few days of use

If I wanted to buy a pen as a gift for a kid or a student, for sure I would consider this pen, and I think that’s what Pelikan had in mind.

The cool design, the fresh colors and the handy shape make the Twist® fountain pen an absolute must-have!

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