Beginner pens

Price range up to € 20

Beginner fountain pens are low quality, cheap pens with an acceptable writing performance. In most cases they have some minor issues. Materials are mostly out of PET. In general they are a first step into fountain pens, giving you the first sensation of writing with a fountain pen.

Next-level fountain pens

Price range from € 21 up to € 50

Next-level fountain pens offer a bit more then the beginner fountain pens. They are a next step. Quality is higher, nibs perform better and better materials are used. More time is spent on some details of the pen. Also, and one can expect more form the brands such as included ink cartridges and converters, a fancy box and many more. Next-Level pens are for those who take it a bit more seriously and fore some reason don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on it.

Middle range fountain pens

Price range (from 51 up to 100 EUR)


Hi-class fountain pens

Price range (from 101 up to 250 EUR)


Exclusive fountain pens

Price range (from 251 up to 500 EUR)


Grail fountain pens

Price range (above 500 EUR)


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