Waterman Allure black CT

Waterman Allure
Black CT

My first review of a fountain pen from a more well-known brand, Waterman. Waterman has been creating pens over more then 130 years, and the Waterman Allure (also known as the Graduate) is their first step fountain pen.

In December 2019, my budget at that time was around 15€ for a new fountain pen. So it was difficult to find a new and good quality fountain pen, because in some way I wanted a beginners pen of a ‘Big Four’ brand. Just to mention, when we talk about the ‘Big Four’ of the business industry, we talk about Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. We could do the same for brands in the fountain pen business, then we probably would have: Montblanc, Parker, Pelikan and Waterman. On Amazon.de I found a beginner fountain pen from a ‘Big Four’: the Waterman Allure in black livery (also sometimes sold as the Waterman Graduate). I paid 13,98€. Nice to mention the pen comes in a nice blue Waterman box, including 1 ink cartridge.

I used (and still use) this pen quite often, especially for doing same basic sketching and doodling. The pen is very light and the nib is perfect for sketching.

Although I’m very fond of this pen, it has some minor negative points for which I think Waterman could do better.
The Allure is mainly made of stainless steel, covered with a black coating. The nib is a fine Waterman nib. I had no issues with the nib.

The pen write, for being a fine nib, rather wet, but on the other hand the Waterman ink dries really fast, so no problems with my left hand messing up the ink.
The grip section is made of hard plastic, with towards the end some kind of ring. For people with small hand and people who take the pen very low, this ring could be painful when writing for long sessions.

When you take a good look at the grip section (see picture above), you see a small line.  This line is probably the result of melting the grip section to get it all together. I regret this line, because it gives the pen a ‘cheap’ touch. Perhaps a small detail, but it’s a negative eye-catcher.
The barrel of the pen is as black as black should be. And after using the pen for a while, there are no scratches on it.

I am surprised by the high quality of the cap. The silver looking steel clip and rim are really of good quality. Besides the clip is very useable. On the clip we find the Waterman logo. On the trim the brand name is marked.
The cap really posts well and puts some extra weight on the back of the pen, this without disturbing the balance of the pen. 
For being a stainless steel pen, the pen is not too heavy. It weighs only 23 grammes (15 grammes without cap).

As a final conclusion, for me this pen could really be me daily writer. It looks nice and writes well, posted it is top and the nib is more then good. I think you really should give this pen a try. 
Also mention, this pen is available in blue, chroom, red and you can use it with the Waterman converter.

The good and the bad:

+ price/quality
+ nib
+ solid pen
+ daily writer
– construction and feel of the grip section

Some technical info:
  • Length:
    • 13,5 cm closed
    • 12,3 cm without cap
    • 15,4 cm posted
  • Weight:
    • 23 gr. complete (ready to write)
    • 15 gr. without cap
  • Ø
    • ​1 cm barrel
    • 0,8 cm grip
    • 1,2 cm cap
    • 1,5 cm cap with clip included

With a contemporary and stylish design, Waterman Allure elevates one’s style and everyday writing experience above the crowd. Providing good value performance, this everyday premium pen is a first step into the Fine Writing category for the modern Parisian writer.


Going straight for a next-level Waterman fountain pen, such as the Hémisphère?

–> Check it out!

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