Waterman Hémisphère GT (before 2010)

Waterman Hémisphère GT
(Model before 2010)

Since I took this fountain pen hobby seriously, I already possessed some older (fountain) pens. One of those is a Waterman Hemisphere. Reviewing this one really surprised me.

I think I got this pen in the mid 90’s. The pen is in stainless steel with gold – looking -trim (GT). Perhaps it is just me, but mostly I tend to buy new things because, yeah that’s just me. So I was not so much excited with the idea of writing a review for my old Waterman pen. But that’s just wrong. I filled a waterman converter with Iroshizuku Tsukusi (kinda brown/sephia) and started writing. You know, fountain pens are not always magic, you must have the right paper with the right pen filled with the right ink … and here magic happens. I was really a delight to write with this pen/ink combination on Rhodia paper. Strange to say, the pen writes very smooth, but also when writing you hear some soft scratching of the nib, this I really like. So the feeling you get from this pen is a sensation that most fountain pen lovers are looking for.

The pen is not new anymore, and some of the gold looking parts show some tear and wear. Keep in mind that I used this pen really a lot in different circumstances (study and work). Also the nib has some minor surface damage with some missing gold cover on it. But the point of the nib must be in top shape due to the brilliant writing performance. Although I don’t have the intention to sell this pen, I guess this pen has a value of around 45 Euro.

To open the pen, you must use a little bit of force to take off the cap. Typically of a Hemisphere, the top of the cap is in a 45 degree. The cap has a gold looking clip. The clip is very useable. On the clip they put the Waterman logo. On the small bottom rim of the cap the Waterman logo is also put.
The barrel is in stainless steel. Although I used this pen quite a lot, I expected a lot more of scratches on it. 

The grip section of the pen has the most tear. Especially on the grip itself, in the middle you notice it a lot. This is caused by putting on the cap when closing the pen. When you put the cap against the barrel, there is still a gap of around 2mm. So you need to push to ‘click’ the cap and to close te gap. Probably, here the cap is a little bit too loose and by this causing some damage on the grip. So, be careful when closing the pen. The gloss grip feels just fine.

The pen has a fine Waterman nib. Now to be a fine nib, the pen is quite wet. The nib feels to be 100% ok. After inking up the pen, writing started immediately. Just keep in mind that when you use a converter you could have some problems in long writing sessions of when drawing for a while, that you run out of ink. The pen is for sure not heavy, with only 18 gr. (without cap) and 27 gr. closed. I used this pen for some writing and drawing, and I never had any issues with it.

For cleaning the section, you can take of the nib just by pulling the feeder out of the section. 

In 2010, Waterman changed the look of the Hemisphere. The middle rim and the rim on the back of the barrel are bigger. When I compare pictures of the nib, it seems that the nib has also changed.

As a final conclusion I can say I was surprised by this vintage Waterman pen. For sure, I have the intention to buy the newer Hemisphere to compare it. But I’m sure this vintage one will be inked up a lot in the future and is still far away from its retirement. If one should ask my if this pen could be used as a daily write I would say ‘yes!’, but be aware that a current Hemisphere costs more than 100 Euro.

The good and the bad:

+ outstanding writing performance
+ weight and dimensions
– quit wet for a fine nib
​- damage on the grip caused by putting on the cap when closing the pen

Some technical info:
  • Length:
    • 13,5 cm closed
    • 11,9 cm without cap
    • 14,65 cm posted
  • Weight:
    • 27 gr. complete (ready to write)
    • 18 gr. without cap
  • Ø
    • ​1,15 cm barrel
    • 0,9 cm grip
    • 1,15 cm cap (1,2 at rim)
    • 1,4 cm cap with clip included

A vintage Waterman fountain pen that really surprised me, the Waterman Hémisphère is really a topper!


If you want a first step Waterman, you really should try the Waterman Allure!

–> check it out!

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